Driver Training

Pre Trip Inspection

Driver Safety Series: Pre-Trip Inspection
Half Day “Hands-on” Awareness Course

Heavy Equipment Safety Training. This 1/2 day program covers all aspects of compliance with the Highway Traffic Act Regulation 575.

The Ministry of Transport requires that all Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV) according to their official definition, and attached trailers are to be formally inspected for defects and serviceability at least once every 24 hours. Details are set out in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act Regulation 575 (regulation 199/07, effective May 2007), and explain that “no person shall drive a CMV unless the person has inspected, or cause to be inspected, the CMV within the previous 24 hours.”

This interactive workshop addresses the requirement for and content of a proper trip inspection, in the context of regulatory compliance and safety.

Classroom Topics

  • The Concept of Due Diligence
  • Highway Traffic Act Reg. 575 (regulation 199/07, effective May 2007)
  • Proper and Thorough Inspection Sequence
  • Practical/Hands-on Exercises
  • While one half of the class covers the theoretical portion of the course in class, the remainder will be outside on our obstacle course. Total scheduled time for this group is 45 minutes. Once completed, the two groups switch.

Learning Outcomes

  • Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:
  • Know and understand the legislation governing pre-trip inspections
  • Identify and apply trip inspection procedures in accordance with applicable standards and regulations
  • Understand new MTO regulations governing minor/major defects

Who Should Attend

Any person responsible for driving a CMV to/at work as part of their job

  • Evaluation
  • Written test
  • Certification
  • Certificate of completion


3.5 hours (maximum of 12 students)