The Wise Old Man

In a village lived a wise old man, who the villagers reached out to answer all their questions and concerns. It is said that the wise old man had answer for all their question.

Two young boys wanted to prove the wise old man wrong and decided to ask him such a question, no matter what he answers he will be wrong. They though and though and came up with the perfect plan.

Their plan was to catch a small bird, cover in it their palm and ask the wise old man, if the bird was alive or dead. If the wise old said the bird is dead, they will open their palm and let the bird go free and prove him wrong and if he said the bird was alive, they will gently suffocate it and kill it and prove that the old wise man was wrong.

So, the next day morning they started to climb the hill to see the wise old man. They approach the wise old man and said, Wise old man, wise old man, can you tell if the bird in our palm is dead or alive?

The wise old man knew exactly what these boys were up to and said to them “It is all in your hands”.

Now think about this for a minute and then think about all your challenges and obstacles in your life. “It’s all in your hands”. Our success and failure are all in our hands.

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