steam expressWe’re Glad We Chose Vagans

It all began with a usual cold sale call from Vagans Inc. After speaking with Sri who came across very transparent and honest we took a leap of faith to go with Vagans Inc to help us change our conditional rating to Satisfactory.

With their team of hardworking and process oriented group of professionals, we got in collaboration with Vagans Inc and called the MTO for a voluntary audit within 6 months.

The auditor, was not only impressed with the system in place that Team Vagans had put, but we also passed the audit with whopping 90% and it is just because of the expertise of Vagans in keeping the records and system in place as they took note of every miniscule detail from the perspective of how a company should have the records maintained.

We recommend Vagans Inc for all who seek help in safety and compliance in their companies as they do prioritize the client and customise everything to the client’s needs.

Gurmail Nirman, President

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