arthur j gallagher logoIt is my pleasure to provide you with a letter of recommendation, as you are one of the best Safety Advisors I have yet to meet, which is why I continue to recommend you to all of my new & existing Transport Carriers.

Today it is more important than ever for Transport Firms to ensure that their Safety & Compliance Operations are operating at above standard levels, as Lawyers have changed their approach from trying to blame the drivers for any claims, but are now focusing on the Transport Carriers Safety & Compliance Operations, and are successfully using poor performance and below standard levels to have large damage claim awards being issued.

In order to maintain a higher level of Safety & Compliance, Transport Carriers require Safety Advisors who are not only knowledgeable about the Safety & Compliance Industry, but who also follow through on their promises to deliver exceptional service, which you and your staff consistently provide.

Please feel free to not only share my letter of recommendation with anyone you desire, but also note that I would be more than willing to personally speak with them as well.

Anthony Del Zotto (CAIB) - Account Executive

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