namaha transport servicesNamaha Transport Services Inc. team would like to thank Vagans Inc. for a great service provided! We really appreciate the friendly and professional service you have provided to assist us in moving to the next level of growth for our Carrier Services. We have recently gone through a Facility Audit and the result was very pleasing.Consulting Services provided by Vagans Inc was one of the contributors for a great Audit result.

Vagans Inc. has helped us to develop, organize, implement and maintain Namaha's Process and Procedures, mainly with documentations. With the assistance of Vagans Inc. we have developed an up-to-date Company Policy that is being used on a daily basis. Our Vehicle files and Driver files are more organized allowing us to easily track information and user-friendly for anyone viewing it. Vagans Inc. has also provided useful Fleet Services information both verbally and through documents, which we have implemented for our Company. At last, Sriram, from Vagans Inc. has personally helped us by providing his Safety Seminar for our Safety meetings we held for our Crew members. Keep up the great job!

Best regards,

Shiyamala Nagarajah – HR Manager

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