d4 logisticsWe had a very bad experience with one of our service provider in terms of Safety and Compliance Industry. Since we started with them, we experienced a downfall in the safety rating, month after month, and finally a failed audit. Instead of taking the proper measures to address the rising safety scores, maintaining proper documentation/records, they kept blaming us and raising their charges, when we finally decided to look for an alternate and terminate their services.

Meantime, Vagans Inc was referred to us by one of our friend and we took a leap of faith. Within a year’s time not only did our overall safety rating fall under 27% but also we passed a voluntary audit with over 95% compliance.

As a result of the Vagans Inc’s system, where we have achieved a good safety rating, also there is a noticeable increase in sales and revenue of the company as well due to the clean safety rating, which most customers look for.

Sri and his team is working hard in DELIVERING THEIR SERVICES AND KEEPING PROMISES in an effective way.

We highly recommend Vagans Inc for a CLEAN & SAFE Trucking Business.

Rajinder Sangha – Director of Operations

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