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Safety Meetings

Safety: First, last and every place in between

Vagans Inc’s first truck driving priority is safety and the goal of our Safe Driving Department is to prevent major accidents or “critical crashes.” To successfully accomplish this objective, we’ve created the following training and management programs.

Safety meetings

Each month more than 80 percent of all of clients truck drivers attend safety meetings that teach drivers how to prevent accidents—particularly “critical crashes” such as rollovers, run-unders, and rear-enders. Drivers who are unable to attend a live meeting can watch the safety presentation via video.

Post accident retraining

When Vagans Inc Clients truck drivers are involved in an accident, they receive additional training to reduce future risk. Immediately after an accident, the driver is dispatched competency assessment by the Safety Retaining Manager including a full evaluation of the driver’s risk behaviors and hands-on training to correct poor performance.

Fatigue Management

Fatigue is the leading contributor to critical crash accidents. The objective of our Fatigue Management program is to prevent major accidents such as those caused by failing to yield, leaving the highway, and inattention. The Fatigue Manager monitors activity of hundreds of trucks and identifies those who may not be fully alert. Our fatigue policy, “Drivers should not operate during 12 midnight and 6 a.m. unless their load requires it” is strictly enforced. The implementation of the Fatigue Program has significantly reduced accidents during these risky hours.

Red Flag Management

Our Red Flags system is intended to identify risky truck drivers. Red flags are assigned to drivers who leave the highway for an undetermined reason, receive moving violations and/or call-in complaints, perform a rapid deceleration, etc. Truck drivers who accumulate red flags receive progressive discipline including additional training to correct the risky behavior. If their behavior is not changed after training and discipline, Red Flags are used to support disqualification and the dismissal of the driver from the company.

Awareness Campaigns

With the help of a professional marketing firm, we launch an awareness campaign each month to address driving behaviors and accident types that occur more frequently at particular times of the year. For example, accident analysis suggests that rollover, rear-end, and obstruction accidents are most likely to occur during the first quarter of the year. When an awareness campaign is launched, it includes banners, posters, flyers, and newsletters.

Performance recognition

Vagans Inc Client’s truck drivers are recognized for their individual performance including the number of safe driving miles they operate, the number of years of service they contribute, their driver status, and their on-time service. When a driver completes the incremental program levels, they are recognized by the company and their peers during our monthly safety meeting. In addition, truck drivers are awarded a stainless steel plate to put on their truck to display their accomplishments. Our drivers get very involved in this program and display their awards proudly.

Safe Zone Program

This program is considered the core curriculum of our company’s accident prevention. It consists of two, three-hour classes that address the fundamentals of safe driving for all new truck drivers. The three main principals presented in the program are sight, speed, and space management. Drivers learn how these principles work together to create a protective “safe zone” around their vehicle.


Safety Orientation

This valuable presentation gives truck drivers comprehensive instruction for driving safely and familiarity with the various resources that are available to assist them. Classes help drivers become more familiar with the Safe Driving Department including accident reporting procedures, accident evaluations, post accident retraining, safety meeting attendance, safety bonuses, and various safety curriculum.

On the Road Training

Once truck drivers complete the classroom training phase, they begin Over the Road Training. Along with a certified trainer and training coordinator, they complete the necessary steps to become solo-qualified. Training modules include instruction on everything from setting expectations and performance measurements to interfacing with customers and safe driving. This program is far superior to previous Vagans Inc’s training and to other programs in the truck driving industry.

Drive Safety Home program

Last year, we demonstrated our commitment to safety by giving away Cash to the Driver Safety Home promotion. Any truck driver who went accident free each week and whose fleet went accident free was able to enter twice to win a $1000 cash. Insentive programs as such help drivers take safety steps to prevent accidents.

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