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Log Book Auditing

Driver Logbook Auditing Services Non-compliant driver logs are a fast way to a Conditional rating… or worse!.With today’s ever-changing regulations it’s nearly impossible for a safety manager to visually inspect logs and discover all driver violations. 

And with the economy today, no one wants to pay costly fines for errors!

Why not make it easy to stay in compliance?

Our driver log audit service checks your driver logs for compliance to the Hours of Service regulations as well as checking each log for form and manner errors.  Your logs are kept on file in our image database for fast retrieval when you have questions.

Choose from 4 different levels of service!

You decide which service level benefits you the most.  

  • Hours of Service (HOS) and Form and Manner (F&M)
  • HOS, F&M, Fuel Records, and Supporting Docs
  • HOS, F&M, Fuel, and 20% Random Route Map
  • HOS, F&M, Fuel, and 100% Route Map

All our services includes various violation reports, to help easily spot problems with your driver logs, as well as drivers letters to help teach your drivers how-to stay in compliance.

Our service offers fast turnaround!  

You and your drivers both benefit with timely feedback regarding compliance issues. Save time and money by lowering your compliance risks with our cost-effective services.

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