Our Expertise


Vagans Inc. understands the pain points and complexities of managing vehicles, drivers, cargo and equipment over state, national and international borders.

Simplifying IFTA compliance and streamlining the reporting process using few mouse clicks saves thousands of dollars and countless man hours in meeting these regulations.

What is IFTA?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement among 48 States of the US and 10 Canadian provinces to simplify reporting fuel used by interstate/interjurisdictional motor carriers.

IFTA requires that trucking companies pay taxes to individual states for the wear and tear on their roads. Each state has its own rates and the fuel tax is based on the number of miles a truck is driven on state roads. Companies that do not have an automated solution rely on drivers to keep manual logs as they travel within or from state to state. IFTA requires quarterly filing and payment of taxes which can be a logistical nightmare for calculating, recording and reporting for an entire fleet for each state.