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To help stay on top of all your training, Vagans Inc's online training includes a range of different reporting and analytical tools, allowing fleets to see a broad strokes overview of activities, drill down into specifics, or compare results to identify trends.

For all the things that need to be done periodically, our online training keeps track of who’s due for recertification and provides regular updates via email.



trackingThe High Level View
Basic reports give you a broad-strokes overview of what's going on in your environment. A quick way to see how things are progressing, Overview reports let you see who started, worked on, completed, passed or failed any module, in any period.
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A Closer Look
For more specific insights, Detail reports let you drill down into the data and explore specifics – how much time someone spent, where they did well, and where they need further work. A great foundation for focused one-on-one interventions.
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Trends and Gaps
Improving driver quality across the entire fleet requires an understanding of trends and broader knowledge gaps. These reports do the heavy lifting for you, identifying the best and worst performers overall, and the specific subject areas that cause the most problems for drivers.
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Stay Compliant
For all those things that need to be redone periodically, Compliance Management is on the job, keeping track of expiries, notifying people when it's renewal time, and breaking out overall status by location, manager, and individual.
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