Do you Need any Help?

Christmas eve, I am on my way to the Bahamas with my family. We land in Miami airport and after having lunch, ready to go to the port to catch our
cruise to the Bahamas.

As we come out of the restaurant, I see this old man with dirty clothes, sitting on the street. Something about his face that despite his dirty clothes and being homeless, he had a spark on his face and I wanted to reach out to him. I went close to him and ask him “Do you need any Help”. The response he gave me, shook me to the core which I will never forget and will remember for the rest of my life.

He said “Don’t we all”

If you think deeply those three words have such a strong meaning. Despite me being where I am today in my life, I still have mentors who help me every day, I am here because so many people helped me get here and there will be so many more people who will help me get where I want to go in life. No matter where you are in life, Don’t we all need help?

Like a wise man once said “This is a small world, in order for us all to survive we need one another. Let us not judge anyone and let us extend our helping hand to one and all during this season of giving.

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