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Reverse Pyramid

We at Vagans Inc are committed to catering the best service to our customers at whatever cost it exacts. It is on this note that we have decided to do some restructuring in our company, all to the end that we serve you better. The company management has decided to implement a reverse pyramid in its administration.

The traditional organization structure followed by many companies has the CEO at the top, managers at the middle and other employees at the bottom. This is believed by many to be ideal as they reason that only a few people should be handling the complexities of administration. However, it doesn’t always work out. Especially in a company like ours where a bulk of our services is decided from our interactions with customers, there must be a restructuring that allows for those addressing these customers to be highly referenced.

A reverse pyramid is an answer and we’ve got just that. We now pay more attention to the employees. You’re wondering why? This is in a bid to maximize communication among our staff in order to create a more responsive team. Employees are the ones who have direct contact with you, our customers, hence a major determinant on whether or not you get optimal satisfaction from our services. As such, we at Vagans Inc have decided to restructure our approach.

The main reason for doing this is in the interest of our customers. We want a structure where we can give more attention to understanding customers’ needs and giving our best to serve you better. This cannot happen unless we enable the hands that are directly involved. The reverse pyramid structure allows for the voice of not only the top officials but also employees to be heard, thereby giving room for more creative and practical ideas.

Another benefit is that employees are going to be compensated with every administrative decision, with their contributions considered of course. We are going to arm our employees with the necessary tools and training required to understand customer service better. In many companies, employees are usually given large handbooks and strict measures, where there is penalization for every small non-compliance. This is usually done in the name of employee empowerment. We have, however, discovered that the best way to empower our employees is to train them well and allow them to make some decisions on their own in their interactions with customers. This means that we shall loosen up a bit, allowing for some flexibility in employee decisions. We believe that this would help them feel more comfortable doing their jobs as they have been allowed some space to use their brains too, thus serving you better. The companies with the most employee ratings are those that respect and care for their staff like this.

Yes, as you may have thought, this restructuring may take some work but we are in the business of putting the interests of our customers first. So, moving forward, expect to see a better us!

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