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How AI fleet Management Will Shape the Future of Transportation

There are many opinions about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to change the world with expectations about its capabilities for now and in the future. AI simply refers to intelligence displayed by machines in contrast to that displayed by humans. Although humans are intelligent, they cannot be programmed to exceed their current capabilities in the same way a machine can. This has led to the creation of smart machines that handle tasks otherwise difficult for humans to handle efficiently.

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Incorporating Driver Safety into Your Culture to Increase Retention

Driver turnover has been above 90 percent for more than nine consecutive quarters and shows little sign of slowing down. What’s more is that issues related to management and workplace policies and communication have caused 30 percent of drivers to leave their job.

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Small But Mighty

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Reverse Pyramid

We at Vagans Inc are committed to catering the best service to our customers at whatever cost it exacts. It is on this note that we have decided to do some restructuring in our company, all to the end that we serve you better. The company management has decided to implement a reverse pyramid in its administration.

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Canada All Set To Bring In Its Own ELD Mandate

In an attempt to make Canada’s roads safer for travel, The Ministry of Transport, Ontario is all set to roll out its own ELD mandate by the end of this year. ELD, which stands for Electronic Logging Device, was announced by the Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau in an attempt to make the truck drivers less susceptible to fatigue.

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Regular Maintenance of Fleet for Safe Trucking

According to the recently issued statement by the Ontario Provincial Police, the number of transport truck collisions has gone up significantly in 2018. There have been several fatal transport truck collisions last year which have resulted in an alarming number of casualties throughout the country, thus resulting in questions being raised regarding the safety of Canadian roads.

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The Wise Old Man

In a village lived a wise old man, who the villagers reached out to answer all their questions and concerns. It is said that the wise old man had answer for all their question.

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Do you Need any Help?

Christmas eve, I am on my way to the Bahamas with my family. We land in Miami airport and after having lunch, ready to go to the port to catch our
cruise to the Bahamas.

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Commercial Trucking Insurance in Ontario

Canada’s commercial insurance market is witnessing an intense competition between insurers, brokers, and trucking companies. Owing to the high percentage of claims of continuous under-pricing, insurance companies are struggling to stay afloat. This desperate situation has led insurance companies to undertake different measures such as rate hikes by 30% to 50% and stricter safety-screening practices for fleets even before issuing quotes. Canada’s trucking industry is bearing the brunt of these rate hikes.

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CTA Cries Foul Over the Driver Inc. Tax Scheme

Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), the body which has been developed to address the federal trucking concerns, has labeled the controversial Driver Inc scheme as an unfair means to evade taxes. Under the Driver Inc scheme, the truck drivers work as independent contractors for companies by setting up a PSB (Personal Service Business). They have also issued a T4A income tax slip by the companies. This model mostly incorporates the truck drivers who do not operate, own or lease their own trucks.

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Truck drivers: Hire right, hire bright

Written by Sayantan Banerjee - Safety & Compliance Auditor - Vagans Inc

Canadian trucking companies are bracing for the worst-case scenario- not enough men and women to transport freight across the continent, with a projected driver shortage of more than 30,000 by 2020.

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