Sriram Rangan

sriam ranganSriram Rangan who is well-respected Safety and compliance consultant in Ontario is the President of Vagans Inc.

Sriram Rangan comes from a strong background of systems and helps trucking companies put systems in place in order to stay in compliance as per MTO/DOT regulations. Sriram Rangan has helped many companies with their MTO/DOT audits.

As a Licensed Paralegal, Sriram Rangan specializes in Transportation law related to MTO/DOT regulations and represent his clients at the Licensing Appeal Tribunal of Ontario and at the POA court.

Sriram loves to read and learn, A, strong believer in giving back to the community, Sriram takes an active part in the community development and works with children in leadership programs.

Mansi Shah

mansi shah 250pxMansi is the office administrator and Client Service coordinator for Vagans Inc. She is the key to backend support of all operations at Vagans Inc and support of Vagans staff here and off shore. A faster learner and dedicated and committed staff, Mansi plays a key role in the daily operation of Vagans Inc. Our client trust Mansi for her reliability and efficiency.

On her free time, Mansi loves to spend time with her family and especially with her young son Akshaj.

Greeshma Sebastian

greeshmaGreeshma Sebastian the youngest member of the Vagans team is a buoyant and exuberant soul. Her sparkling smile is not to be taken lightly as she is keen on perfection and is extremely dedicated to her work. With a whiff of august in her step she brings in a lot of sunshine wherever she goes. With a zest to learn and a passion to excel she is a force to reckon at Vagans.

She enjoys travelling and is on a high to explore Canada.

Harshad Solanki

HARSHAD 1Harshad acts as Safety and Compliance Auditor for Vagans Inc. He is having more than 15 years of experience in Operations, Maintenance, Projects and more than 9 years of Safety Management. He has Implemented Health and Safety Policies and Programs in Chemical, Construction, Natural Gas & LNG and Transportation Industries. He is having vast experience in Statutory and regulatory compliance, DOT guidelines compliance, Transportation of Dangerous Goods Acts, Driver’s training, Auditing of ISO: 9001 and OHSAS:18001 system, Hazard identification and risk control, Incident investigation and analysis, Management of Change, Process Safety Implementation. He is a system oriented professional with strong attributes of punctuality, in-depth data analysis, proactive and self-initiator and deliver results within the timeline.

Vasanth Kumar Paul

vasanth kumar paul 1Vasanth Kumar Paul is the Head of Operations in the Vagans Inc., who had a successful career as a Sales Executive overseas for more than 15 years.

He is an excellent communicator and maintains outstanding customer relations. Hard working, ability in meeting deadlines, strong work ethics, and teamwork are his assets.

Vasanth is an integral part of Vagans Inc., who has demonstrated an exemplary performance within months of his entry into the organization. He looks after the interests of our valued clients relating to safety and compliance audits, up-holding highly recognized professional standards.

A highly respected among the team members, undoubtedly Vasanth plays a key role in the success and prosperity of Vagans Inc.

Basically a Masters in Commerce, he is also a graduate in Supply Chain & Logistics.

Rhyen Luce

rhyen luceRhyen is a consummate professional. With formal University trainning in commerce and with several years of experience in service and sales, her acumen for business is only shadowed by her passion to help others. She takes pride in her work and attributes reputation as her driving force in business.

Integrity, transparency, and work ethic are her vehicles to ensure companies are on the road to prosperity.

Being a mother of two and a wife, she understands the importance of providing for your family. Rhyen has helped countless of entrepreneaurs archive their measured level of success. "It's simple economics", explains Rhyen, "when we help a business grow and sustain a level of achievement, not only does the business do well, so does the well being of its employees and their families."

Ushas Varghese

ushas vargheseUshas has shown her capability of being a suitable Vagans team member from the first day of her joining the company. She has proved herself to be a fruitful asset by taking up the tasks and successfully completing them in no time. Her excellent communication skills and creative outlook is working out to give a new look to Vagans. Being a teacher by profession , her organisational skills and time management skills play a key role for the success of our company.

She’s an Einstein in the kitchen, who loves to experiment with recipes and being a good host to everyone around her.

Niha Vaishnavi

niha vaishanavi 250pxNiha Vaishnavi is an MBA graduate from India who has a warm personality with strong work ethic and a passion to learn. Niha is result oriented and her key assets are herbusiness skills and ability to solve problems with ease.

With a strong back ground in HR, Niha works very well with people through her strong communications skills.

Niha loves to explore new places, cuisines and ethnic groups. Also keeps a favor tovolunteer in community activities and a language interpreter-freelancing.

Kaneez Fatima

kaneez fatima 250pxKaneez Fatima holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and worked in the banking industry and as a facilitator in an NGO organization before she joined Team Vagans.

Strong work ethics, attention to details, truly understanding customers problems and solving them are Kaneez core competencies that she brings to Team Vagans.

In her leisure time she like to do yoga to keep herself fit and to rejuvenate her mind thus bringing balance to work and personal life

Sumit Rohatgi

 sumit rohatgiA seasoned professional with Masters Degree in Business Administration and a wide-ranging expertise in developing & directing growth strategies to achieve revenue, market sustainability and client relations for both start-up & established businesses Sumit is an asset to the Vagans family.

His resourcefulness in market research, identifying gaps and implementing required measures for improving the functioning of processes has added a new dimension in the efficiency of Vagans. He also has an exceptional ability to handle workloads and take end to end ownerships of tasks with strong communication skills to succeed.

At the end of the day things that are creative help him unwind. He also takes interest in volunteering activities which helps him to connect with people. With his vivacious personality he is sure to win a lot of hearts.

Vaishali Thorat

Vaishali ThoratVaishali joins Team Vagans with a sound legal and management background. She brings to the table 7 years of expertise as a lawyer back home and over 7 years of management experience in Canada.

In her spare time she like to spend time with her friends and travel.

Ariel de Belen

ariel profile 03

Ariel or 'Al', as called by his friends and family, sought greater opportunity in Canada and migrated from the Philippines in 1973. He has been a proud Canadian for over 3 decades and attributes the foundation of success to be knowledge and experience.

With over 35+ years in system design as an electro-mechanical technician, Al has been in several industries including PCB design and Gaming. Al's strength in analytics and cognitive reasoning helps transportation companies optimize their SOPs and operations. Being client focused, Ariel is able to identify gaps and measure efficiencies in transportation companies to help manage regulatory compliance without compromising productivity.

"We have a proven system" admits Al, "and it’s in 4 compartments. First, we provide companies professional safety and compliance audits. Second, we implement a proven, cost-effective solution. Third, we conduct a performance review of system and optimize it for your company. Fourth, we measure, benchmark and improve, then repeat."

Al believes in helping others first and is driven by fostering strong client relationships through constant value. He is a proud father, a handyman and an avid golfer.

Gouri Soman

gouri 250pxGouri is an Engineering graduate from India. Her curiosity to explore non-technical realm drove her to pursue a postgraduate diploma in project management. Before joining Vagans inc, she worked with an educational institute in an administrative role.

Handful of experience in working with non-profit organizations dealing with issues ranges from Human rights Violation to environmental degradation. A vivid traveller.

Rajaram Kanugo Sivarajagopal

rajaram kanugo ivarajagopal 250pxRajaram, an energetic, calm and composed individual brings to the table a great sense of learning and backing up the learning with actions that continuously motivates him to set benchmarks and reach greater heights.

Rajaram has a solid educational background with the latest being a Masters in Supply Chain Management & Logistics after his professional tenure with HP India. Much being said he always strives to better himself with a competitive attitude to encounter complex problems and improve himself every day to stay competitive in this ever-changing world.

"Work hard play hard" is what keeps him going in life as he strongly believes in work-life balance. He likes to party with friends, explore new places with friends and more than anything he loves driving, watching movies, running for fitness and his gadgets.

Archana Khandwala

archana 01

Archana is a highly motivated professional with a strong focus on Client relationship management & Organizational skills. She consider herself to be an enthusiastic, energetic, ambitious person, who takes up any task as a challenge and completes it in the fastest and the most efficient way. With a degree in Commerce and passion for law, she has got a great exposure in coordinating office admin activities & and sales support.

When she am not working, she enjoy listening to music, exploring new places and cultures, getting involved in culinary art and love spending time with her family. She support charitable organizations working for protection of Stray animals, birds and also for the betterment of homeless in India and want more and more people to get inspired by this.

Roopesh Nair

Roopesh 01

Roopesh Nair is a health care graduate and has more than 15 years of experience of working in the same field in U.A.E and Canada. He has a strong leadership, innate customer care qualities which he has built over the years through working hand in hand with over a hundred professionals throughout his growing career.

In addition he is a great team player with strong inter -personal skills and pays attention to detail. With handful of experience in conducting training sessions for colleagues and new interns he has developed problem solving attitude and knows how to take steps to avoid incidents.

Roopesh loves playing volleyball and he is in team MASC and loves spending time with his two adorable kids.

Chirag Khurana

chirag 01

Chirag is highly motivated professional with several years of experience in handling operational tasks in corporate setting. He has acquired comprehensive knowledge of handling logistics tasks. Excellence, efficiency, and integrity are his core strengths. He has in-depth knowledge of corporate policies and practices, he can effectively review the policies and check the compliance. With exceptional organizational planning and time management skills he can effectively manage projects and can deliver quality while abiding to the deadline. He is an ardent team player with excellent problem solving and communication skills.

His mantra "Work hard party hard". He strongly believes in work-life balance. He likes to party with friends, explore new places with family and more than anything he loves driving, watching movies.


Meenu Davis


Meenu Davis pursued her Master’s in Engineering and holds 2 years of work experience in the same field. She is the Safety and Compliance Manager of Vagans and the latest addition to our team. She is both an active listener with utmost patience and a fast learner. She does her best to complete the assigned tasks with sincerity within the prescribed time frame.

Meenu loves cooking. She spends her leisure time by trying new cuisines and creating something unique with her imagination and creativity. In addition, she relishes travelling and enjoys exploring nature with her husband.


Rohan Yagnik

rohan yagnik 250px

Rohan Yagnik is lawyer from India with over 9 years of experience. He was also appointed as Government Pleader by the State Government. His expertise lies in simplifying complex legal matters and safeguarding the best interest of the clients in light of the challenging regulatory landscape.

He is a quick learner and brings his experience of developing and maintaining relationships with external legal counsel. He also has great passion for cricket as well as table tennis. He has been a part of national lawyers’ cricket team. He loves travelling and making new friends. He takes life as a constant learning phase and new challenges as steps towards new achievements.


Jayanthi Pakalapati

jayanthi pakalapati 250px Jayanthi Pakalapati is a passionate individual with good communication & interpersonal skills. Having gained strong experience in all facets of human resources, she is always ready to hit the road for any challenging task. 

She loves planning and organizing celebrations and get together meetings.


Bhavreet Bhandal

Bhavreet Bhandal

A post-graduate diploma holder in IT, Canadian opportunities have strengthened Bhavreet's experience in safety, and now she is thrilled to be a part of Vagans Inc. She loves challenges and gives her best efforts to prove her capabilities. She enjoys team work and the environment of learning and growth.

An outgoing person, she is very good in making networks with her strong communication skills. During her leisure, she loves to travel or enjoy with family and friends.


Mary Anne Nwafor

Mary AnneMary Anne Nwafor is a Bachelor of Science degree holder who changed careers and having beaten all odds has transitioned easily the transportation world. With some experience in the shipping industry and as a true professional she is always willing to challenge the status quo ;she hopes to be a valuable addition to our team.

Understanding her role, procedures she has been able to comply with the industry and company and absolutely loves her new career in the safety and compliance department.

As a Nigerian married to an Arab (Lebanese) and a mother of 3 boys she is a strong believer in diversity. In her leisure time she loves to travel and also to spend time with her family and friends.


Rechelle Llorito

Rechelle Llorito Rechelle Llorito is a Business Administration Major in Marketing Management degree holder with almost a decade of successful experience in office administration and B2B client relations management. From an extensive experience in the Hospitality Industry, the opportunity to be a part of Vagans Inc is a challenge she would like to take on as she takes a step further involving herself into the Transportation and Logistics Industry.

In her leisure time, she loves to travel and also to spend time with her family and 2 children.

Keith Nelson Capili

Rechelle Llorito Keith is an experienced Business Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the Communications, Technology and Services Industry for a decade. Skilled in People, Business and Project Management, Customer Service, Business Development, Marketing, Business Analysis, and Telecommunications. He is a strong operations professional who thrives in environments where transformation, diversity, culture, and organizational development is valued.

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