Vagans IncVagans Inc has more than 35 years of combined experience in transportation safety, and is a proud member of the Ontario Trucking Association

Vagans Inc designs and manages safety programs for an extensive list of clients, ranging from small privately-owned businesses to large publicly-owned companies. Our safety and compliance programs are highly respected and sought after by truckload carriers, flatbed carriers, hazardous material carriers, refrigerated carriers and motor coach operators.

It is our unique approach to the design and management of your safety and compliance programs that allows us to address your specific needs without disrupting the operation of your company. Our expertise and knowledge of transportation safety management makes us your one-stop shop for safety, compliance and regulatory needs.


We provide the following services:

  • Log Book Auditing
  • IFTA
  • IRP registrations
  • MTO/DOT facilities audits
  • Driver Hiring and Retention
  • All operating Authorities
  • Safety Meetings
  • Customized Company Policies and Procedures
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Driver Training on Hours of Service
  • Load securment
  • Transport of Dangerous Goods
  • Defensive Driving.


Our Team

Trucking safetyVagans Inc's team is filled with knowledgeable consultants and safety compliance experts who are ready to present you with your company's safety and compliance programs. Our programs are designed to keep you in compliance with Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations and Hazardous Materials Regulations to improve your safety programs. Here are just a few of our many service offerings:

  • Customized Log Auditing:  Customize management reports.
  • Compliance Outsourcing: Let us become your MTO/DOT compliance department and take the administrative burden away.
  • Mock MTO/DOT Audits: Find out where you stand before MTO/DOT walks in the door.
  • MTO/DOT Fine Negotiations: Use our resources to obtain settlements and upgrade your ratings.
  • Safety Programs: Let us customize specific programs to improve your fleet safety and performance.
  • Expert Testimony: Our consultants have years of experience in transportation safety, MTO/DOT regulations, and much more.

Vagans Inc is dedicated to being your safety and regulatory expert. You can count on us to provide expert guidance to keep your safety and compliance programs on track.


Our Mission

Our mission at Vagans Inc is to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients by providing quality safety, compliance and regulatory programs to the transportation industry.

Contact Us

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